jacob smilg

hi! i'm jacob, an electrical engineering student who likes to make and break things. you can take a look at some of my projects on this website.

for inquiries, feel free to send me an email; i'd love to hear from you.

not enough info? you can get to know more about me here.


nationwide eclipse ballooning project

disposable film camera modification/automation for hab payload

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custom 8-channel dac

compact interface for analog pressure regulators controlling soft-robotic arm

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3ddie (wip)

3d digital interface, epic! a 3d capacitive sensing midi controller

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custom risc-v cpu

a "from scratch" cpu based on the rv32i instruction set

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rp2040 development board

raspberry pi pico clone

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physical therapy glove for cerebral palsy

diy soft robotics for at-home physical therapy

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arduino vs. off-brand toxicity analysis

do cheap arduino clones have hidden costs?

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ferrofluid display

an inexpensive display that uses electromagnets to move blobs of ferrofluid around

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line-follower robot


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pan-tilt 3d scanner

a rudimentary 3d scanner using a pan/tilt mechanism

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super wild assault game - a customizable platform fighter in python

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illuminati map

wikipedia data visualization

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freeform circuit: astable multivibrator

a simple first adventure in freeform circuits

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you're looking at it. made from scratch by me! (not a web dev)

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dog food tracker

a device to track whether or not a pet has been fed already

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esp-12e fan remote retrofit

smart fan remote conversion using an esp-12e dev board.

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diy assistive communication device

for people with limited motor function - featured at tedxvienna!

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about me

hi! i'm jacob, an electrical engineer finishing up my senior year at olin college. i'm passionate about hardware design, assistive tech, and making things that work well and look cool.

when i'm not making electronics, you can find me picking my mandolin, petting animals, listening to music, or playing games like stardew valley and the binding of isaac.

i like

  • listening to music
  • animals
  • cool earrings
  • good-looking pcbs

i'm learning

  • classical mandolin
  • curved origami
  • woodworking